A while ago I got lucky, and blew up on the internet. Then I hustled and scraped and carved out a spot for myself.

I struggled finding support or answers from the cool kids lunch table, so I vowed to help others find their way. Because we all deserve a seat at the table.  We all have something to bring, but it’s not as simple as “write it and they will come”.

Let me help you learn from my many, glorious mistakes, my successes, and all the hot messes in between, by letting you in behind the scenes.

It’s wild back here. Hold on tight!

What I’ve built

hustle on


you can do this too.

The cool influencer thing to do here would be to pretend that I am the most amazing, badass over achiever, and run my business all on my own without help, guidance, or swearing and crying in tandem. And I was.  For a long time, until I was burnt out and overwhelmed because it turns out this content creator thing is actually a shit ton of work.

The world would like you to believe that I was a “Chosen one”. But I’m not. I’m just a girl, in sweats, with a bottle of wine, a messy bun, who eventually found herself a team of friends who worked their asses off with her.

As a team we are a little bit over the idea that YOU can’t do this. Or that I’m special and you’re not.

I wish I had found my team earlier, I wish I hadn’t let a few bad experiences in the industry make me feel like I had to do it alone. You can do this. And you can do it alone, but you don’t have to.

Just like a case of wine, it’s more fun with friends!

come get

up in my business school

Meredith was able to help me gain confidence in myself and what I was trying to accomplish. I am grateful for the time she spent with me sharing her expertise.

Julie Nowell