Meredith Masony is the hysterical mom and founder of some of the most popular parenting sites, socials and podcast.

Through That’s Inappropriate, Filter Free Parents and the Take it or Leave it Podcast Meredith has a monthly reach of well over 20 million.

First of all, That’s Inappropriate is one of the largest, most influential and most trusted sources of information and entertainment for millennial moms. Also, with our branded content, we apply our know-how for what makes stories go viral with moms specifically, in support of your marketing objectives. Featured in Business To Community for our excellent conversation capabilities.

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As a result, That’s Inappropriate started in 2014 as an innocent and humorous way to chronicle Meredith’s chaotic days as a working mom, child wrangler, and busy wife. It’s transformed into a massive dynamic community of millions of parents, brought together by one common theme:

Parenting, marriage, and life, in general,

doesn't have to be and rarely is perfect.

That’s Inappropriate is the one of the largest and most trusted brands for moms.

Therefore, this trust has stemmed out of over a year of engaging live stream shows where community members can participate and interact with Meredith and brands.

Also, many of the largest and most reputable brands rely on That’s Inappropriate to help achieve their marketing and sales objectives due to our ability to drive awareness and incremental sales.