Dave Masony Operations Manager


Tired of wasted hours learning how things work only to learn the solution already existed. We will work together to determine the barriers in your workflow and identify effective solutions designed to buy back your lost time. No more googling or message boards for you.(30 minute consultation)


What we will do

Operations Management – I will help you evaluate your workflow to determine gaps in your efficiency or apps/programs. It is important to let the tools do the work, let Dave evaluate where you are working too much and get your time back.

Social Understanding – It is important to understand the numbers behind the numbers we wall look at on socials. Dave will help you understand the analytics behind the likes and engagement on your socials

Maximize Content – Tired of creating so much content? Few people have know how much content they actually have. Even less maximize the life of their content and find themselves in an endless loop of creating that overwhelm and exhausts their efforts. Dave will help you take inventory of your content and explore potential opportunities for reviving your greatest works.


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