I didn't do it alone

Anyone who says they got where they are all on their own is full of S#%T!

Yet we never hear about the people behind the scenes making it all work.  We pretend that we thought up all these great ideas all on our own.  We also only eat from the whole 30 and put out every night too… HA HA HA Yeah right!

No, of course not.

I may have started on my own, busting ass and crying into my wine at the end of the night, but now I have a group of friends working along side me, focusing on the things they do best so I can focus on what I do best.  Hint: it’s not graphic design, the details of running a business or brand strategy.  That’s their cool genius stuff.  My genius zone involves many more expletives, wine and maniacal laughter.

Here’s my dream team.  Use them wisely!

my dream team

Being self employed is the best worst. You become basically unemployable but then also need someone to be your boss because oh my god, we’re all the worst bosses aren’t we?

When I started online, I flailed around… a lot. The skills and fun times I brought to the proverbial internet table were not exactly what was needed to kick ass and take names at running your own one woman empire!

You don’t have to flail like I did. I convinced these experts to become your team. Except for WAY less $$, because e-books are awesome like that!


Dave Masony

Operations Consultant

I take care of all the business mechanics, so you can do what you do best. Create.

I think in logistics. My mind works differently than yours. While you’re dreaming up all those creative masterpieces, my mind is turning, pulling all the pieces, and logistics together to make sure we can market, sell and distribute that masterpiece. I help make your dreams a profitable reality.

Julie Nowell

Business Strategist

I take online heroes from a spark of an idea, and a good work ethic to places they didn’t even know existed, let alone dream of.

I’m your bossy fairy godmother, who doesn’t care at all about what dress you wear to the ball. Instead, I care about how we get you to the ball, and what you accomplish while you are there.