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We want to make this worth your time, and give you a little spending cash too! As well, we love spreading the good word about exceptional people (that’s you)!  We want to share your genius, while teaching others to find theirs. We will pay for original ebooks as follows (50% commission) Writers grant Inside the Bowl Productions LLC, Filter Free Parents, exclusive rights to original work for a period of 6 consecutive months (additional licensing and rights are disclosed in the contributor agreement). Your content can’t be published anywhere else (online or print) for 6 consecutive month after publication. After the 6 consecutive month, you may use your content in your own publications.

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If you’d like to syndicate previously published e books on Meredith , we’re happy to do that.

We will pay for syndicated ebooks as follows (40% commission):

It’s a great way to get your words out to more people, and to reach a bigger audience. Meredith has well over 3 Million followers on her various platforms.

Here are some things you should do/know before submitting:

  1. Poke around and see what kind of ebooks we share.
  2. EDIT!! If your piece requires any re-working or editing, we may send it back to you with suggestions.
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