Julie Nowell Business Development


Your bossy fairy godmother, who doesn’t care at all about what dress you wear to the ball. Instead, I care about how we get you to the ball, and what you accomplish while you are there. (30 minute consultation)


What we will do

What do you sell?  Build out your online products, understand your value and define what you deliver.   Julie will work with you to discuss the opportunities of “what to sell” online, how to define your products and unique offering, how to measure the results of what you will do for your clients and most importantly, the best place to start with pricing your services.

Pitch writing.  Have a brand excited to work with you but you aren’t sure how to pitch them?  Or are you interested in a pitching a specific product? Julie will work with you to create a custom pitch, including email prompts, key strategies in pitching and tips on how to close.  You will walk away with everything you need to create a strategic partnership with a brand you love!

Business Dream Development:  You have an idea, but you aren’t sure how it will work (or if it will work)  In this session you will share your business concept and Julie will help you refine it and give you actionable NEXT STEPS into developing and idea into a plan!


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