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I see how hard you’re working.  I see the sacrifice you’re putting in day after day, night after night in front of your computer screen, hustling hard while the rest of the world sleeps peacefully.  You’ve put in the blood sweat and tears, not to mention the money, and it needs to pay off. I believe in you and I believe that together we can show the world all you’ve got to offer. (30 minute consultation)


What we will do

Website Critique ​- Your website looks pretty.  You like it, maybe even love it,  but it’s not “working”, not converting. Your people aren’t quite getting you, what you do, or why they should care?  Chances are you aren’t seeing the holes in your own website.  I do.  In just 30 laser focused minutes we will walk through your website together creating a new framework or tweaking your current one. At the end you’ll have a list of things you can change right now to plug the holes in your funnel.

Naming Lightning Round- ​have a product or business that needs naming.  Sick of calling your packages, package 1, Package 2, and package 3? Together we will spend 30 super intense, but delightful minutes brainstorming, culling and ultimately deciding on names that will give you a Pumpkin Spice Latte level following.

About Page Edit – You’ve got a pretty good about page but you want great! I do great.  Let’s do it together.


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